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Roasted suckling pig with pumpkin and cinnamon garnish

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  • A suckling pig in pieces (so it can fit in your oven), without skin
  • Oil
  • Cardamom, salt and pepper

For garnish

  • Potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Water


Due to the suckling pig cooking time and the subsequent need to let it cool, it’s recommended to prepare this meal a day before.

  • Put salt, pepper and cardamom to the suckling pig.
  • Put it in a profound baking tray and dip it completely in oil
  • Cut 3 sheets of aluminum foil slightly bigger than the baking tray and seal everything
  • Put it in the oven at 140ºC and let it cook for 4 hours. Meanwhile, we can start preparing the garnish.
  • Fry the potatoes, with or without skin.
  • Take a fresh pumpkin, peel it and cute it in little dices.
  • Put the pumpkin in a pot; add cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, butter and a little amount of water.
  • Cover it and let it cook for 20 minutes at low heat.
  • When it’s completely cooked, take off the spices and mashed it with a fork.
  • After 4 hours of cooking, remove the suckling pig from the oven and, without taking off the aluminum foil, let it cool for half an hour.
  • Once deboned and with the meat still hot, compact it, and tur nit into a roll with plastic foil. Let it sit until it’s completely cool.
  • Once cool, and before serving, take one of the rolls and cut the right amount of servings(there is usually 2 servings for roll)
  • Brown it a little bit on a pan with a little bit of oil, and let it heat on the oven for 4 or 5 minutes at 180ºC.
  • Remove the meat from the oven after 5 minutes and brown it with a blowtorch.
  • Put in on the center of a dish and serve it.



You can see how to cook it on the videohere.