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salmon en crema de cigalas

Salmon with prawns

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  • 6 salmon pieces cute in supreme
  • 18 red prawns
  • 4 shallots
  • 30g of butter
  • 1l of heavy cream
  • 1 brandy glass
  • Salt and white pepper


  • Fry seasoned salmon without skin in a paella with butter, ad shallot finely cute and seasoned prawns.
  • Boil for 5 minutes and flame it with Brandy.
  • Ad heavy cream and let it reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Put all in a tray to place in oven and cover all with the strain sauce.
  • Grille it in oven for 3 minutes.

  • Lo_Mandongo

    Cooking day’s “Lo Mandongo” from 5 to 28 of February 2015

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    Like each year in this season, the main restaurants of La Massana come together to offer you a Cooking day’s with main character an aliment or an ingredient. In this case, the menus will go around Pork, an aliment very present in the mountain cuisine (sausages, elaborate cuisine, etc.).

    Molí dels Fanals will not miss this event, so we elaborated a special menu, with an obtainable price, which you can enjoy at noon or at night from 5th to 28th of February.


    Molí dels Fanals

    Av. De les Comes s/n. Sispony. T. +376 835 380

    Sunday night and Monday, closed.

    • Iberian ham morsel with “coca de vidre” bread
    • “Trinxat” of mountain with pudding or fried eggs with Andorran “donja”
    • Suckling pig boning baked at a low temperature with garrison or Iberian secret grilled with vegetables and truffle baked
    • Desserts of our forklift
    • Water and refreshments

    Price: €25, IGI not included


    Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this food. You will not be disappointed!

  • trinxat1


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    • 1 green keel
    • 3 potatoes
    • 50 grams of Iberian bacon
    • 100 grams of raw pudding
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • Olive oil
    • Salt and pepper


    • 100 grams of black blood pudding
    • 6 slices of bacon



    • Clean the keel and cut the trunk leaf.
    • Boil keel and potatoes with a pinch of salt.
    • In a pan with oil sautée the Iberian bacon in small pieces.
    • Then, add raw pudding finely diced until golden.
    • Put potatoes and keel in the pan and crushing this with fork.
    • And give it a few turns to be golden.
    • Put all in a tray and serve the dish with bacon, which you fried with black blood pudding.