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Enjoy the autumn products

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In autumn, we leave behind the summer heat and we crave hotter products. The climate of these months makes vegetables, fruits and mushrooms that we forgot about during the year, reappear.  Here are the star products of this season.

A vegetable with a very mild flavor that can be cooked in many ways. Whether as a star of the dish or as a side, you can eat it fried, boiled, roasted or in any way that you want. But to give it a special touch, you can eat it with the other typical product of autumn: the chestnut.

This is one of the best foods to face the changing weather of autumn. Chestnuts contain vitamin B, fiber and various minerals that strengthen your immune system. In addition, this nut is very easy to find, especially in regions like Catalonia or Andorra, where there are popular parties dedicated to it, like the Castanyada.

This is another autumn product that is not only versatile and healthy, but also has a special place in the culture. During this season, the forests are filled with mushrooms and it’s time to look for them! And after a day on the mountain, you will have a reward of great taste and freshness on your table.

This vegetable is perfect to eliminate toxins and help digest heavy meals. It is perfect with red meats or grilled meats, as its bitter taste stands out and wakes up the taste buds.

Each season allows us to try different products and change some of our dishes. If you want to enjoy the best flavor and benefits of the products, it is essential to follow its cycle, what’s to say eating them when they are seasonal.
At the Moli dels Fanals restaurant, we use only fresh and the best quality products. Book your table and try the best dishes of the cuisine of Andorra.

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    Strawberry and tomato gazpacho

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    For 5 servings:

    • 500 gr of “beef heart” tomatoes
    • 500 gr of strawberries
    • 10 cl of Chardonnay vinegar
    • 200 cl of water
    • 50 cl of virgin olive oil
    • 200 cl of coconut ice cream
    • 15 prawns
    • Black sesame


    • Peel the prawns, leaving their tails on and fry them lightly.
    • Peel the tomatoes and cut them along with the strawberries into pieces.
    • Add the vinegar, the water and the olive oil and crash the paste until it becomes a liquid without any lumps.
    • For presentation: In a soup bowl, put the gazpacho. Add a scoop of coconut ice cream in the center and put the prawns all around it. You can add black sesame and a little bit of olive oil to decorate the dish.

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    Watermelon soup with mint sorbet

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    For 5 portions:

    • 1 kg of watermelon
    • 150 ml of olive oil
    • 100 gr. of salt
    • 500 gr. of mint sorbet
    • 5 anchovies
    • 5 Grissini
    • ½ tray of mint


    • Peel the watermelon and blend it well with the oil and the salt.
    • Crash the paste until it becomes a liquid without any lumps.
    • Roll each anchovy to a Grissini.
    • Put a scoop of mint sorbet in the center of a soup plate and protect it with a glass. Add the soup, remove the glass and put one Grissini with anchovies. Finally, decorate the plate with fresh mint.

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    Cantaloupe melon and ham soup

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    For 5 portions

    • 1 kg of cantaloupe melon
    • 150 ml of olive oil
    • 100 gr of salt
    • 15 gr of iberic ham
    • 50 gr of soja sprouts
    • 150g of Perona beans
    • 50 gr of shiitake


    • Peel the melon and crush it well with salt and oil. Spend the dough by the Chinese to avoid lumps.
    • Cut the beans into little strips and boil them until they are cooked. Drain them and let them cool with water and ice.
    • Cut the shittakes into strips and cook them in a pan with the soy. Add them to the beans.
    • Cut the ham into very fine pieces and put them in the oven at 170 ° C for 7 minutes.
    • To serve: Use a soup bowl with a mold in the center. Put the soup around the mold and add the ham and vegetables in it.

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    Summer arrives to the Molí dels Fanals

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    Saint John’s Eve marks the beginning of summer, which brings us sun and good weather. A couple of months during which we change our mentality and we enjoy more every day. Going out with friends, enjoying the sun, good meals… are some of the aspects that shine through during July and August.

    The night of fire
    Every year, on June 23rd, the Saint John’s Eve is celebrated. This festivity, that coincides with summer solstice, the longest day of the year. During this event, bonfires are made and you can observe Fireworks and shows. Even if it’s a tradition in Catalonia and in some places of Spain, in Andorra, Saint John’s Eve is the perfect moment to take a walk and enjoy of the culture of the country.

    During summer, we want fresher dishes to fight the hot summer. It’s important to eat fruits like melons or watermelons, that are 90% water and well help us to stay hydrated and to take care of our body from the inside. Eating lighter dishes is also a good solution against the heat, because its digestion is easier and won’t raise your body temperature. Foods like fish or vegetables are perfect for a healthy and tasty meal.

    Summer dishes
    At the Molí dels Fanals, we are prepared to offer you new dishes this summer that will surprise you. Lighter dishes that are full of new nuances perfects for a meal during the hottest months of the year.
    For a new gustatory experience, taste our tune tartare with Apple guacamole. Last but not least, if you like the sea mountain fusion.

    Book here or contacting us via e-mail or calling at (+376) 835 380 to enjoy of the best gastronomy of Andorra this summer.

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    Enjoy summer eating on a terrace

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    Every day we are closest to summer, and sun and good weather start to appear and give us the willing to go out with our friends or family. Soon, you will be able to have a drink or coffee on the terrace of the Molí, while you enjoy the good weather and the good company.

    Andorran summer
    The country of the Pyrenees is characterized by its mountain climate, with cold winters and a damp and pleasant summer. During the months of July and August, the maximal temperatures are around 26º C. That’s why during the day you can enjoy a soft warm and at night, the weather cool down a little bit so you can end the day nicely. Can you imagine a better way to end a meal than drinking while looking at nature?

    A meal with the best company
    Summer makes us want more fun and socializing, making this season the perfect moment to have dinner or lunch with your friends. The good weather, being alfresco and good company can make of very special moment of a meal. Terraces give you the opportunity to share funny moments with your relatives, while you enjoy a good landscape or ambiance, like the one on the Moli’s terrace.

    Stop and enjoy the moment
    At el Molí dels Fanals, you will be able to enjoy special moments in our terrace while you look at the mountains and the breeze touches you. Take a coffee after eating, or an appetizer with festive notes. A little relax moment to fully enjoy the good weather, the company or alone.

    Soon we will open our terrace so you will enjoy summer and our cuisine in the best ambient. We are waiting for you.

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    The best gastronomy without gluten

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    The menu and cuisine of el Molí dels Fanals is prepared for all the tastes, ages and needs. That’s why we adapted all of our dishes so they will be suitable for the majority of gluten intolerants. We explain you what steps we follow and how we make possible to you to enjoy all of our dishes without worrying about gluten.

    Gluten free products
    In our menu, a lot of our dishes are served with sauces, all of them prepared with gluten free flour. Moreover, if you like to scoop them with bread, we also have gluten free bread so you can sop them up. For our pasta dishes, like the macaroni and the lasagna, we cook free gluten pasta in the moment, so the quality and the taste of our dishes remain the same. You only have to tell us when you arrive and our cuisine team will start working for make it perfect.

    We have everything prepare to avoid introducing gluten in the dishes we prepare. Once we start cooking, we use special protocols for the aliments manipulation. We also have utensils that we exclusively use in case of preparing a dish adapted to the celiac consummation. For example, a deep-fryer to prepare delicious croquettes or to do French fries.

    The best gastronomy
    At el Molí dels Fanals, we bring the best gastronomy to your table. You can discover the mountain cuisine and the most typical dishes of Andorra. We prepare our entire culinary offer with fresh first quality products. And we take care of all of the details so you can enjoy it without gluten.

    In case of being celiac, you only have to tell us when you arrive or when you book. The rest is our responsibility.

    Book now at the restaurant El Molí dels Fanals here, via e-mail, or calling (+376) 835.380.

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    Eat healthy without giving up anything

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    April is starting, midway between winter and summer. It’s the moment to prepare our body for the good weather and leave behind the excess of Christmas and Easter. But unlike the popular belief, eating healthy is not incompatible with enjoying and having fun. “Building” a menu with the correct aliments, makes taking care of yourself very easy and doesn’t limit you to stay at home.
    The key is that the different dishes and meals of the day have to be balanced and compensated. At the Molí dels Fanals, we propose you this menu so you can enjoy your meal without forgetting your Health.

    Molí dels Fanals
    Av. De les Comes s/n. Sispony. T. +376 835 380. Book at Molí dels Fanals  now.
    Sunday night and Monday, closed.

    Cream of pumpkin soup or
    Courgette carpaccio with a bouquet of escalivada (baked aubergine, onions
and peppers), belly of tuna fish and rocket leaves

    Meat or poultry
    Monkfish with burnt garlic or
    Grilled rabbit from a local farm

    Fruit of the season

    Furthermore, you can help your body detoxing taking a digestive infusion like chamomile or mint poleo. The perfect excuse for having a Little chit chat with the rest of the table.

    Don’t stay at home and go out to eat with your Friends, family, couple… Enjoy the best gastronomy while you take care of your body.

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    The “Goût de France” days arrive to the Molí

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    The French gastronomy is one of the most famous and recognized cuisines of the world. That’s why for the second year in a row, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International development, with the collaboration of Alain Ducasse, organize the “Goût de France” Days. These days will take place until March, 21st, and will be held by more than 1000 chefs from the five continents. Each restaurant proposes a menu “à la française” to celebrate the tastes, the exchanges and the innovation capacity.
    At El Molí dels Fanals we didn’t want to miss this event and we present you this menu by our chef Paulo do Brito.

    Goût de France Menu

    Molí dels Fanals
    Av. De les Comes s/n. Sispony. T. +376 835 380.Book at El Molí dels Fanals now.
    Sunday night and Monday, closed.

    Spinach salad with duck delights
    Foie gras “poêlé” in papillote on a bed of caramelized onions

    Meat or poultry
    Duck Magret with Porto and grape sauce

    Cheese selection

    Tarte Tatin

    Price: 45 € (without beverages)

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    The Easter “mones” are coming!

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    In Andorra and Catalonia, for Easter, is customary to eat a cake called “mona”. At Molí dels Fanals, we explain you everything about this funny tradition.

    A delicious gift
    Easter “monas” are cakes that at the beginning were similar to the Spanish King cake. Nowadays, we can find those monas or cakes with chocolate or marmalade on it, covered in crème brulée. But one of the most characteristic points of the monas is the decorations. They can be little chick figures or colored feathers or even big chocolate figures with kids favorite characters.

    The perfect excuse
    Usually, grand-parents or godfathers buy the monas to their grand-children or their godchild, which is eaten as dessert or as afternoon snack on the Easter Sunday. The presence of this cake is the perfect excuse to gather together and have a Little party to have fun before discovering the decoration of the cake. American Easter traditions are increasingly merged, like doing little games for kids where little chocolates or chocolate eggs are hidden around the house or in a garden and they compete to see who finds the most Candy.

    Little curiosities
    In other regions of Spain, in addition to the Easter mona, there are also other little traditions. In Valencia, the mona is eaten after the Easter sausage, after cracking an egg on the forehead of another person. It’s also a tradition in a lot of villages that the bakeries compete to see who makes the most beautiful mona. But even if the tradition of the mona has a Christian origin, its name come from the Arab word munna, translated as “provision for the mouth”, and it was a gift given by Muslims to their landlords.

    If you want to have a special meal before eating the mona this year, come to El Moli Dels Fanals to have fun with your family. And feel free to ask us for your mona, we will gladly prepare it!

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    Celebrations are coming with El Molí dels Fanals

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    Good weather is coming and with it, the willing to celebrate our life’s most important moments with the people that we Love.

    Baptisms and communions
    Just after our birth, we already have our first celebration and big party: the baptism. It’s the first big party of the life of a child and it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the extended family and to friends. A few years later, children have the opportunity to be center of attention and little girls can feel as princesses for a day. Between the ages of 7 and 10, we celebrate the First communion, a big party awaited by all the kids, where all the family and friends gather again to party and have a banquet.

    Even if it’s by the church or by civil way, weddings are the final statement of a couple’s relationship. To celebrate that one of the most important decisions of adulthood has been taken, if it’s in an intimate or in a mass way, we always want family and close friends to be there, so we can create good memories with the people that we Love. That’s why it’s the time to do a perfect celebration so it can be an unforgettable day for everyone. If you are thinking on doing your wedding in Andorra, don’t doubt: call us and discover what we can do for you.

    Focus on enjoying your day
    At El Molí dels Fanals we want your celebration to be perfect, and that’s why we will help you with the preparation so you don’t have to worry about anything. At our restaurant, you will have a private hall, or the entire. Tell us how is you perfect party and we will take charge of the shows (music or for kids), the flowers or even finding a place to say for the guest who need it, among a lot of other things.  You just have to say when and how and we will take charge of everything and do it as you like so you can spend an unforgettable day.

    Book with us by email or call us at (+376) 835 380

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    The Centenary tradition of the “calçotada”

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    Every year, between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, comes the traditional “calçotada”. The emergence of this celebration doesn’t come only because of the calçots season, but it goes back to their creation.

    A new way of producing
    The “Calçots” were originated in Valls, Alt Camp, at the end of the XIX century. Xat de Beinaiges, a well-known agrarian of the village, decided to “wedge” the onions, a technique that consist in planting the onion by the middle and cover them with soil while they grow. With this technique, a sweet onion with earthy flavor appeared, known as “calçot”. This technique started passing by Word of mouth in all Catalonia until the “calçots” were embed as one of the most iconic products of the Catalonian culture.

    More than just food: a popular meeting
    But not only the product has its place on the culture, the way of eating is also representative of the cuisine of the area. The calçots can be eaten at the privacy of your home, but the tradition wants that they have to be eaten on a meeting with people of the village or your life, on a party known as calçotada. The calçotades began on the Valls village at the beginning of the XX century, but are now thrown in all of Catalonia and Andorra.

    The cooking
    One of the peculiarities of the calçots is its preparation. Despite being cultivated underground, these onions are collected and put directly on the embers, traditionally made of mushrooms, without any cleaning. The largest leaves are shortened and the roots are a cut. The calçots are left to cook until the external layer is charred, then, they are taken out of the embeds, which can after be used to cook the meat, and are put on the table to be eaten with sauces as the romesco.

    If you want to try, or eat again, this specialty of the mountain cuisine, at the Molí dels Fanals we present them you, on a very special way, so you can eat them without dirtying your hands, if you don’t want to.

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    Romesco sauce

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    • 2 o 3 ripe tomatoes
    • 1 garlic bulb
    • 80 gr of toasted almonds
    • 2 red peppers
    • A Little toast of bread
    • 250gr. Of olive oil
    • 100gr of vinegar
    • Half a teaspoon of mild paprika
    • 1 chili
    • Salt


    • On the eve of the elaboration, let the peppers soak on water all night long.
    • Pull out of the water the peppers and remove their skin and seeds.
    • Preheat the oven at 200ºC and cook the tomatoes, for 20 minutes, and the garlic bulb, for 15 minutes.
    • Once they are cooked, remove the tomatoes ‘skin and seeds and pull out of the bulb the garlic one at a time.
    • Peel the almonds and mix them with the tomatoes and the garlic.
    • Add to the mix the bread, the peppers, oil and vinegar and blend everything.
    • Add mild paprika and chili for a spicy touch and mix everything well.

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    Duck’s confit and cooked strawberries Lasagna

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    For 6 persons:

    • 1 pack of Wonton wrappers(20 sheets more or less)
    • 7 thighs of confited duck
    • 4 finally chopped shallots (little onions)
    • A little bit of butter
    • 50 cl. Of cream
    • 200 gr. Of strawberries
    • Sugar
    • Water
    • Salt


    • Take the raw wonton wrappers and cut it in half by the line guides.
    • Boil the wonton for 3 minutes, remove from the pot and let it cool while you prepare the rest of the lasagna
    • Crumble the duck’s confit, previously cooked
    • In a pan, fry lightly the shallot with the butter and a little bit of milk cream, and add the duck’s meat
    • Add water and sugar to a little pot. Let it boil for 15 minutes at low heat and don’t stop stirring to prevent caramelization. Syrup will be totally cooked when it becomes a thick liquid
    • Clean the strawberries and put them whole on the syrup for 15 minutes
    • Remove the strawberries from the syrup, let them cool and laminate them
    • Add two spoons of syrup to the meat
    • Dress the lasagna in the following order: wonton, meat, 3 pieces of strawberry, wonton… and repeat
    • Cover it with its own juice and add a little touch of basil oil for decoration

  • lo mandongo

    9th Cooking days “Lo Mandongo” from 16 January to 29 February

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    One of the most used foodstuffs on the mountain cuisine is pork’s meat, as cold meats or cooked dishes. That’s why the cooking days “Lo Mandongo”, which hinge around pork products, are the perfect excuse to taste, or eating again, the most typical Andorran dishes.

    Once more, El Molí dels Fanals participates in these cooking days, which begin on January 16th and last until February 29th, presenting special menus with the best pork meat. Furthermore, for the first time, you can also discover a different menu in La Borda Xixerella.


    Molí dels Fanals
    Av. De les Comes s/n. Sispony. T. +376 835 380. Book at the Molí dels Fanals online
    Sunday night and Monday, closed.

    Iberian ham morsel with “coca de vidre” bread

    “Trinxat” of mountain with pudding or
    fried eggs with Andorran “donja”

    Suckling pig boning baked at a low temperature with garrison or
    Iberian secret grilled with vegetables and truffle baked

    Desserts of our forklift

    Water and refreshments

    Price: €25, IGI not included

    Borda Xixerella
    Ctra. De Pal s/n T. +376 847 370. Book at the Borda Xixerella online
    Tuesday night and Wednesday, closed.

    Iberian cold meat selection with “coca de vidre” bread or
    farmer fried eggs with Iberian sobrasada.

    Iberian pork feather with its garnish or
    200gr of ground free-ranged veal from Angus, with natural potatoes.

    Laying hen’s egg flan with fresh milk or
    Pyrenees “mató” with Andorran honey.

    Price: 20€, IGI no included


    Don’t miss this important date for the pork meat and mountain cuisine lovers!

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    The Pig-slaughter, a mountain traidition

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    With the cold, the moment of the pig slaughter arrives, a tradition that dates from the ancient European Celtic cultures. Even if it’s easy to buy pig meat nowadays, the meat obtained in the slaughter was often the only meat a family had for the rest of the year.

    The arrangements
    The process of the slaughter began almost a year before, because the piglets were bought then so they could gain weight during the next 10 months. After this time, the family gathered, and sometimes they even invited an experienced neighbor, and ate breakfast 3 hours before the slaughter.

    The meat transformation
    The animal’s death was quick, but the subsequently ritual could last for three days. After men killed the animal, they cleaned all the used material, while women began to prepare the products. On one hand, there is the meat which has to be eaten the first, so it doesn’t spoil, and on the other there are the aliments which can be conserved all year long like cold meats.

    A culinary culture
    From these different preparations of the pig’s meat, typical mountain dishes, like botifarra with White beans or potatoes or pig’s trotters, see the light of day. In our menu, you will find those products, and you can combine pig’s trotters with wild mushrooms or snails.

    If you want to try these dishes, call us (+376) 835 380 or book your table at el Molí dels Fanals. We are waiting for you!