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The best gastronomy without gluten

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The best gastronomy without gluten

The menu and cuisine of el Molí dels Fanals is prepared for all the tastes, ages and needs. That’s why we adapted all of our dishes so they will be suitable for the majority of gluten intolerants. We explain you what steps we follow and how we make possible to you to enjoy all of our dishes without worrying about gluten.

Gluten free products
In our menu, a lot of our dishes are served with sauces, all of them prepared with gluten free flour. Moreover, if you like to scoop them with bread, we also have gluten free bread so you can sop them up. For our pasta dishes, like the macaroni and the lasagna, we cook free gluten pasta in the moment, so the quality and the taste of our dishes remain the same. You only have to tell us when you arrive and our cuisine team will start working for make it perfect.

We have everything prepare to avoid introducing gluten in the dishes we prepare. Once we start cooking, we use special protocols for the aliments manipulation. We also have utensils that we exclusively use in case of preparing a dish adapted to the celiac consummation. For example, a deep-fryer to prepare delicious croquettes or to do French fries.

The best gastronomy
At el Molí dels Fanals, we bring the best gastronomy to your table. You can discover the mountain cuisine and the most typical dishes of Andorra. We prepare our entire culinary offer with fresh first quality products. And we take care of all of the details so you can enjoy it without gluten.

In case of being celiac, you only have to tell us when you arrive or when you book. The rest is our responsibility.

Book now at the restaurant El Molí dels Fanals here, via e-mail, or calling (+376) 835.380.

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