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The Centenary tradition of the “calçotada”


The Centenary tradition of the “calçotada”

Every year, between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, comes the traditional “calçotada”. The emergence of this celebration doesn’t come only because of the calçots season, but it goes back to their creation.

A new way of producing
The “Calçots” were originated in Valls, Alt Camp, at the end of the XIX century. Xat de Beinaiges, a well-known agrarian of the village, decided to “wedge” the onions, a technique that consist in planting the onion by the middle and cover them with soil while they grow. With this technique, a sweet onion with earthy flavor appeared, known as “calçot”. This technique started passing by Word of mouth in all Catalonia until the “calçots” were embed as one of the most iconic products of the Catalonian culture.

More than just food: a popular meeting
But not only the product has its place on the culture, the way of eating is also representative of the cuisine of the area. The calçots can be eaten at the privacy of your home, but the tradition wants that they have to be eaten on a meeting with people of the village or your life, on a party known as calçotada. The calçotades began on the Valls village at the beginning of the XX century, but are now thrown in all of Catalonia and Andorra.

The cooking
One of the peculiarities of the calçots is its preparation. Despite being cultivated underground, these onions are collected and put directly on the embers, traditionally made of mushrooms, without any cleaning. The largest leaves are shortened and the roots are a cut. The calçots are left to cook until the external layer is charred, then, they are taken out of the embeds, which can after be used to cook the meat, and are put on the table to be eaten with sauces as the romesco.

If you want to try, or eat again, this specialty of the mountain cuisine, at the Molí dels Fanals we present them you, on a very special way, so you can eat them without dirtying your hands, if you don’t want to.

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