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The Easter “mones” are coming!


The Easter “mones” are coming!

In Andorra and Catalonia, for Easter, is customary to eat a cake called “mona”. At Molí dels Fanals, we explain you everything about this funny tradition.

A delicious gift
Easter “monas” are cakes that at the beginning were similar to the Spanish King cake. Nowadays, we can find those monas or cakes with chocolate or marmalade on it, covered in crème brulée. But one of the most characteristic points of the monas is the decorations. They can be little chick figures or colored feathers or even big chocolate figures with kids favorite characters.

The perfect excuse
Usually, grand-parents or godfathers buy the monas to their grand-children or their godchild, which is eaten as dessert or as afternoon snack on the Easter Sunday. The presence of this cake is the perfect excuse to gather together and have a Little party to have fun before discovering the decoration of the cake. American Easter traditions are increasingly merged, like doing little games for kids where little chocolates or chocolate eggs are hidden around the house or in a garden and they compete to see who finds the most Candy.

Little curiosities
In other regions of Spain, in addition to the Easter mona, there are also other little traditions. In Valencia, the mona is eaten after the Easter sausage, after cracking an egg on the forehead of another person. It’s also a tradition in a lot of villages that the bakeries compete to see who makes the most beautiful mona. But even if the tradition of the mona has a Christian origin, its name come from the Arab word munna, translated as “provision for the mouth”, and it was a gift given by Muslims to their landlords.

If you want to have a special meal before eating the mona this year, come to El Moli Dels Fanals to have fun with your family. And feel free to ask us for your mona, we will gladly prepare it!

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