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The Pig-slaughter, a mountain traidition


The Pig-slaughter, a mountain traidition

With the cold, the moment of the pig slaughter arrives, a tradition that dates from the ancient European Celtic cultures. Even if it’s easy to buy pig meat nowadays, the meat obtained in the slaughter was often the only meat a family had for the rest of the year.

The arrangements
The process of the slaughter began almost a year before, because the piglets were bought then so they could gain weight during the next 10 months. After this time, the family gathered, and sometimes they even invited an experienced neighbor, and ate breakfast 3 hours before the slaughter.

The meat transformation
The animal’s death was quick, but the subsequently ritual could last for three days. After men killed the animal, they cleaned all the used material, while women began to prepare the products. On one hand, there is the meat which has to be eaten the first, so it doesn’t spoil, and on the other there are the aliments which can be conserved all year long like cold meats.

A culinary culture
From these different preparations of the pig’s meat, typical mountain dishes, like botifarra with White beans or potatoes or pig’s trotters, see the light of day. In our menu, you will find those products, and you can combine pig’s trotters with wild mushrooms or snails.

If you want to try these dishes, call us (+376) 835 380 or book your table at el Molí dels Fanals. We are waiting for you!

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