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Enjoy the autumn products


Enjoy the autumn products

In autumn, we leave behind the summer heat and we crave hotter products. The climate of these months makes vegetables, fruits and mushrooms that we forgot about during the year, reappear.  Here are the star products of this season.

A vegetable with a very mild flavor that can be cooked in many ways. Whether as a star of the dish or as a side, you can eat it fried, boiled, roasted or in any way that you want. But to give it a special touch, you can eat it with the other typical product of autumn: the chestnut.

This is one of the best foods to face the changing weather of autumn. Chestnuts contain vitamin B, fiber and various minerals that strengthen your immune system. In addition, this nut is very easy to find, especially in regions like Catalonia or Andorra, where there are popular parties dedicated to it, like the Castanyada.

This is another autumn product that is not only versatile and healthy, but also has a special place in the culture. During this season, the forests are filled with mushrooms and it’s time to look for them! And after a day on the mountain, you will have a reward of great taste and freshness on your table.

This vegetable is perfect to eliminate toxins and help digest heavy meals. It is perfect with red meats or grilled meats, as its bitter taste stands out and wakes up the taste buds.

Each season allows us to try different products and change some of our dishes. If you want to enjoy the best flavor and benefits of the products, it is essential to follow its cycle, what’s to say eating them when they are seasonal.
At the Moli dels Fanals restaurant, we use only fresh and the best quality products. Book your table and try the best dishes of the cuisine of Andorra.

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