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Enjoy summer eating on a terrace

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Enjoy summer eating on a terrace

Every day we are closest to summer, and sun and good weather start to appear and give us the willing to go out with our friends or family. Soon, you will be able to have a drink or coffee on the terrace of the Molí, while you enjoy the good weather and the good company.

Andorran summer
The country of the Pyrenees is characterized by its mountain climate, with cold winters and a damp and pleasant summer. During the months of July and August, the maximal temperatures are around 26º C. That’s why during the day you can enjoy a soft warm and at night, the weather cool down a little bit so you can end the day nicely. Can you imagine a better way to end a meal than drinking while looking at nature?

A meal with the best company
Summer makes us want more fun and socializing, making this season the perfect moment to have dinner or lunch with your friends. The good weather, being alfresco and good company can make of very special moment of a meal. Terraces give you the opportunity to share funny moments with your relatives, while you enjoy a good landscape or ambiance, like the one on the Moli’s terrace.

Stop and enjoy the moment
At el Molí dels Fanals, you will be able to enjoy special moments in our terrace while you look at the mountains and the breeze touches you. Take a coffee after eating, or an appetizer with festive notes. A little relax moment to fully enjoy the good weather, the company or alone.

Soon we will open our terrace so you will enjoy summer and our cuisine in the best ambient. We are waiting for you.

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